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Primal Roots Music encompassing Southern Soul, Americana, Blues, Hill Country, Reggae & Gospel. Not Responsible for Speeding Tickets.
Release Date: 2015

ALBUM NOTES This is my first 'Stripped Down' recording with my wife Debi, and we brought in our sub woofer speakers to get the 'live bottom end sound' on our stomp-board/cajon that we get on our live shows. It is 'Down Home/Front Porch Primal Roots Music with me playing assorted guitars/slide/cigar-box/baritone/stomp-tambo-board/harmonica and Debi sings with me playing cajon/percussion. It is basically live off the floor with minimal add on's.


"There is a good spirit in your music and what first kills you with Danny Brooks is his voice...what a presence ...he is really a super vocalist ...but this Cd is much more than that, it is a collection of very strong songs and musical influences...when you hear such a killing voice on such good songs , it is a real pleasure from the beginning to the end ...” Mike Penard/Euro Americana Reporter/American Roots Music/ISA Radio

"Singer/guitarist Danny Brooks proves himself as much a versatile soul song-crafter as he does a sturdy blues growler and soul shouter. The Texas-based Canadian transplant here serves up much variation within the ballads-to-blues spectrum, delivered in stripped-down duets with vocalist/percussionist partner Lil Miss Debi. In addition to the title track, “All God’s Children” and the decidedly cover-worthy “Sad Song” stand out."  Duane Verh / Roots Music Report
"Despite the suicidally depressing title this Canadian duo have produced a quintessentially “Bluesy” album which is everything I could want from that genre. I could visualize myself in the swampy southern states as soon as it opened with a track with the album name This World Is Not Your Friend, such was the atmospheric vocals and guitar work with occasional mouth organ accompaniment. In truth this is the most Blues sounding album I’ve heard for some time. Brooks has a vocal ability which belies his racial profile, he genuinely does sound like an African American in tone and tenor, making his ability in the blues a stick on winner. There is a soulful facet to this album which hits the spot too. Track three, All God’s Children has a meaning to Danny based on an actual experience, and is all the more sensitive for that despite it having a fairly raucous vocal aspect. The very next track Halfway To Heaven has a genuine quasi-religious fervour to add to the southern blues guitar and harmonica essence. Track nine Got To Find My Way Back Home is so very poignant to both of them, yet they have the strength to perform it. This whole album is essentially roots type blues without make up, writing done with true feeling and performed with a fervour that today’s superficial pop stars couldn’t spell much less perform to. The husband and wife team here are truly in tune with each other and have produced an ace for anyone’s blues collection.Blues Matters / Alan Pearce


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  1. This World Is Not Your Friend
  2. Blue Highway
  3. All God's Children
  4. Halfway To Heaven
  5. Ride Around Texas
  6. When A Little Means A Lot
  7. Spirit of Rock n' Roll
  8. Sad Song
  9. Gotta' Find My Way Back Home
  10. One More Mile
  11. Country Lullaby
  12. Good Love Is Hard To Find
  13. One Love
  14. Lights of Llano
  15. Who You Gonna' Call
  16. I'm Looking Up
  17. When I'm Holding You
  18. This World Is Not My Friend