Music Motivation Presentation

Danny and Debi Brooks recently wrote two books to start a 7 Book "Miracles For Breakfast Series": ‘The Journey Continues’ and ‘The Lonely Battle’.  "The Journey Continues" received an endorsement by renowned author and motivational speaker, Denis Waitley.   Both books are based on remarkable experiences, impacted with motivational and inspirational themes. "The Lonely Battle" also focuses on the specific time period of ‘admitting’ there is a problem, taking steps to seek help, and the crucial 2 year period on leaving rehab. Danny shares with a raw, bare honesty, his fears, hopes and trials during this time period on the road to recovery, as well as Debi’s loving yet strong stance of ‘not enabling’ in the process. If you have a loved one or know of someone who is going through the hell of addictions, this book is a powerful testament of the human spirit, overcoming the odds of defeating addictions and abject failure; from escaping a living hell to finding a way back home.

These books gave birth to the idea for their new ‘Music Motivation Presentation’  which will be introduced in the new year. Apart from their riveting, ‘leave it all on the stage’ performance style, their motivational message in one word is BELIEVE! “Think it, write it, believe it, achieve it.”  Danny and Debi Brooks will lift you up and put a smile in your spirit!