Host Frankie Picasso had an amazing conversation with guest Danny Brooks, Texasippi Soul Man, Blues Artist, singer, songwriter and author about his latest book, Miracles For Breakfast - The Journey Continues. The book starts off with Danny having a heart attack as he was finishing his show on the stage of Austin Texas’, famed Threadgills, May 2nd 2010. He managed to finish the show, load up He would go on to work 5 more weeks in extreme Texas heat that was a record drought and heat wave. 100 days of 100+ degree heat. Getting back to Canada, Danny discovered he had 5 completely blocked main arteries in his heart. Recently Danny was inducted for a 2nd time into the Blues Hall of Fame in Clarksdale MS for “Great Blues Artist from Texas”! This is the second book in a 7 part series that runs the gamut from musician, drugs, alcohol addiction, heart attack, prison and much more.

To listen to this live Interview with Frankie Picasso please click here....

To listen to this live Interview with Frankie Picasso please click here....

Miracles for Breakfast: The Journey Continues

Miracles For Breakfast: The Journey Continues is now available for sale both in hard copy and Kindle on Amazon’s Create Space. The book starts off with an incredible account of Danny suffering a heart attack during a performance at famed Threadgills in Austin Texas, spring of 2010, while on tour. Finding out 6 weeks later back in Mississauga Ontario that he had 5 completely blocked arteries. The above link for hard copy is for a link on our website and we can autograph the book and mail out immediately. For those who may prefer buying Miracles for Breakfast: The Journey Continues, direct from Amazon may do so here. 

Danny and Debi are planning a 7 book Miracles For Breakfast Series, The Journey Continues is the first offering. The second book The Lonely Battle is slated for a Spring release in 2018. While it has been written and edited by the Brooks’ they will have new editor Lynn Wintercorn review it and apply her amazing editorial magic to it. 

Lil Miss Debi is writing a new cook book Lil Miss Debi’s Everyday Cooking for Everyday People, and according to the Texassippi Soul Man’ Danny Brooks, this is probably going to be the best seller! 

Danny is currently writing The Stories Behind The Songs which will probably be in two books. Two books of inspirations round out the seven book series and all books will be written with a motivational/inspirational style employing old school principles mixed with pop culture sensibilities. 

All the books highlight their faith that nothing is impossible and as long as you are dreaming with your sleeves rolled up and you have breath in you, you have dreams to realize! 

Miracles for Breakfast: The Journey Continues A sneak preview....369 KB 

Danny Brooks' autobiographical first book Miracles For Breakfast: How Faith Helped Me Kick My Addictions in 2008 by John Wiley & Sons, now published in kindle by Harper Collins Canada

Danny and Debi Brooks are available for both speaking and performing and have a powerful Music Motivation Presentation.