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Texassippi Soul Man Danny Brooks & Lil Miss Debi

Medici’s Gelateria , 522 Fairview Road, Oliver, British Columbia

My apologies for the length of this post but this needs to be said...

Touring musicians work hard! Spending 8 months of the year following those little white lines across the blacktop is not for everyone. New towns every night, loading in, packing up and tearing down, can take it’s toll! Danny and I have been blessed to tour together for the last 8 1/2 years, making music and sharing wherever we go. Meeting old friends and making new ones all over Canada and the United States!

Danny works hard setting up each tour, finalizing details at the venues and arranging accommodations for each stop. We still maintain our home in Llano even though we spend more time away than home, because it means a lot to have our home to come back to when we have down time... we love our “family” that we say goodbye to more times than is right.

When we hit the road it is with the expectation that each gig will enable us to meet our financial obligations back home as well as touring expenses. A date on our calendar is firm and we do all we can to promote those gigs. Having said that, there is an obligation on the venues part to do everything they can to promote their venue and upcoming shows.

We are two thousand miles from home, driving across country to get to your venue. Receiving an email 5 days before the gig saying that you haven’t sold enough tickets (that you the venue, raised the ticket price on which we knew nothing about) and you are pulling the plug on our anchor date, is not right! This venue in Oliver B.C. asked us to reduce our agreed upon financial arrangement by $300 to allow the venue the funds to do promotions for the event. We agreed to this, and even supplied the personalized art work/poster for the event. Ten days before the event, the venue created an event on FB, and made two posts, on the same day. The venue did not ask us to be administrator on the created event (which would have allowed us to send invitations to our fan base). This was the extent of the $300 advertising blitz that was done! Which by the way cost the venue nothing!

So here we are, 2,000 miles from home, left with no way to fill the empty date on our calendar, no way to make up the financial loss!

We understand that you, the venue, likes to have music jams at your venue. This is wonderful because you are giving local musicians a place to play. But we aren’t naive enough to believe that your motives are simply because you want to help those musicians. You gain greatly by those musicians coming into your venue for FREE, they bring their friends and buy your booze. The difference is When the local musicians leave at the end of the night, they get in their cars and most likely are home in bed within an hour, not so for those touring musicians that rely on the agreed upon finances to get to the next gig!

Shame on us for not following our gut instinct when you kept putting off signing our contract. You never had any intention of promoting this event! We had looked forward to giving the folks in Oliver a wonderful, intimate evening of music and storytelling, but that won’t be!

We have performed at this venue in the past. When it was under the ownership and management of David Badger. The evening was a success because David promoted the event, making it a win, win for all!

Thank you to the beautiful people who had purchased tickets for our show! Thank you for doing your part to support live music! We apologize for the cancellation of our show. It is not through any fault of ours. We do encourage you to contact Grant at Medici’s and get your money refunded. We also give fair warning to all musicians to not enter into any performance agreement with this venue as the owner is not a man of integrity!

(Said without prejudice)