Ain't No Easy Way Out

Danny Brooks and Lil Miss Debi

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Life can be brutal at times and beautiful at other times. It’s what we make it, in spite of being dealt a bad hand. Life comes at everybody like a freight train, it does not pick favorites. There is no easy way out, but there is peace for those that seek it.

Players: Joel May, Micah May, Greg Martin, Sam Brady, James Lawlis, Lil Miss Debi, Danny Brooks

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Each CD contains a 24 page booklet with the story behind the song, the players as well as lyrics for each of the 20 songs this cd contains!

Texanadians Danny Brooks and Lil Miss Debi (formerly of Toronto Canada) met Tom Easley of AVA Entertainment in 2019 and discussed making a record, making a real recording, blending old school with new tricks and now have a recording that some listeners are calling “new vintage”. 

Recorded in Raymond Mississippi (a suburb of Jackson), Tom assembled some stellar musicians such as Chalmers Davis and Sam Brady, who he had worked with at Malaco Records (as an engineer). Rhythm section is brothers Micah and Joel May from Jackson Mississippi.  James Lawlis, horn guru form Toronto Canada, Greg Martin of the Kentucky Headhunters adds his guitar style along with John Fannin (formerly with Rusty Weir/Jerry Jeff Walker). Rounding things out is Geri O’Neil adding some bass and background vocals , along with Lil Miss Debi and Danny Brooks. Special thanks to Professor Andrew Lewis, who added piano/B3 on “We Do Whatever It Takes”, and who helped enormously on bed-tracks. Says Tom Easley“this is a recording for these times, and people need to hear these songs and what they are saying!”

The recording hearkens to a time when artists lived what they sang about, and wrote from the depths of those life experiences seared into their souls. You cannot scrub the Mississippi grit that clings to each of these tracks on “Are You Ready? The Mississippi Sessions!” Perhaps Greg Martin said it best years ago, and a little prophetic,”Listening to Danny Brooks is like driving out of Memphis Tennessee on a Sunday morning into the Mississippi Delta, listening to WDIA. It’s one of those things where time stands still. A dash of Eddie Hinton (Jerry Wexler referred to Eddie as the white Otis)Solomon Burke, Reverend James Cleaveland, and Howlin’ Wolf are all ingredients in Danny’s soulful, musical stew!”

What Did They Say?

“Prolific lyrics, stark imagery contrasting the times we’re living in; a real gut punch of truth with a message of hope for healing a troubled society.”  Tom Easley: Producer AVA Entertainment

“I was honored to be a part of this project and hope everyone loves the magic we all made together. It was certainly God ordained.”  Greg Martin: Kentucky Headhunters

“This entire album shines and will surely find a highly receptive audience in these troubled times.” Claude Hill: Grammy Winning Pro-Audio Engineer Studio Design and Consulting

Danny Brooks and Lil Miss Debi’s ”Mississippi Sessions” is as authentic as it gets. Real music that speaks soul to soul!”  Kyle Lehning: Producer/Randy Travis

"Jamaica Sun:  "Great R&B soulful feel. Love it",  "Where Will You Stand: " Awesome song and message. Very Springsteen’ish. Love it!", "Jesus Had The Blues:   
"What a great project this is. Reminds me of Delbert. Great soul here that people our age need to hear." 
Dann Rogers (Dann Rogers is a renowned songwriter/singer, following in the footsteps of his Uncle 'Kenny Rogers." His songs have been covered by Johnny Cash, Prince, and Lionel Rithcie to name a few. )

"You hit this one out of the park. Loved every song!" Bill Johnson//Mastering Sound/Austin TX